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1952, Swarming

Stic B sur Papier | Collection particulière

This small canvas has the freshness of a water-colour though it is an oil-canvas. In 1952, Mennessons had been Gleizes’s pupil for a year and in this work he managed to conciliate the melodic line on rhythmical bases, according to Gleizes’s musical vocabulary, which unites music and painting. Pastel shades, pale blue and pink are mingled with purer blues and reds and even with duller greens and blacks and ocres in curved rectangular shapes which are rarely found together in Mennessons’s works. The whole work seems to celebrate the happiness of being of lively colours on a canvas, the seething, swarming of life. The young Mennessons was beginning to feel at ease in a universe he had discovered at his arrival, a year earlier and which he had made his own, thus breaking free from his master.

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