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1956, Between the jug and the egg-cup

Stic B et huile sur toile | Collection particulière

The years following his coming back to Paris were years of experiment for Mennessons. He mostly painted the objects he had in his small bedroom. He gradually grew aware that he was more interested in the space that lay between the objects than in the latter themselves, in the immaterial in-between rather than in matter itself. In this canvas, painted with a mixture of Bstic and oil, the red jug is slightly shifted from the centre and with touches going from white through shades of grey, the space between it and the small grey egg-cup occupies the larger part of the canvas. The reading of Le Corbusier Modulor, published in 1955 made him introduce soon afterwards the concept of number in that of space and of a space between the two, which led him to the concept of a pre-existing void. What matters is not the subject itself but its being transformed by the artist’s sensitivity and intellect.

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