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Mennessons dans le studio
Third period
During this period, golden numbers would determine all relationships in Mennessons' works. From now on the canvases were painted in acrylic and the first series, Les Energétiques, had as for its theme the movement of light.

Les Cibles (the Targets) evokes the Zen bow and arrow with its enclosed fields conducive to meditation. A filtered light going through Les Volets (the Shutters) plays hide and seek, while 'les Planeurs' (the Gliders) with its bands of primary colours enables a sense of airy weightlessness, fragile and serene, like life. In 1980 les Paravents (the Screens), blocks of primary colours are interspersed with black and white arrows and reflected symmetrically from the picture's centre. Les Découpages monochromes (the monochrome cuttings) of 1981 evoke the Hindu art which was appreciated during the summer of that year in the United States. The luminous tension climbing towards the centre of Pyramides (Pyramids) is set like a jewel. The series L'Homme debout (the standing man) of 1983, unfinished, is a composition where the diagonals that link the sides distend or narrow gently in the area near the centre.

Even variety in the series of Indian ink drawings on bristol board, usually drawn with a ruler in lines of varying thickness which brush the centre, create illusionary spaces in stairs or achieve the conciseness of Jardins Zen (Zen gardens).

The model-collages also play with contrasts in their big black and white beaches, as well as the blue, yellow and red sculptures which play with the light and recompose the luminous spectre, although suspended, black and white, twist at a breath of air in a serene equilibrium.

His film work continued to develop and he completed two films which recreated the Mennessons approach in the rhythm of his images: NEZZEN is more condensed; OH-ART encapsulates his life's works. This title gives the sense that since 1980 Mennessons attributed to his work: Art du choc et de l'éveil (art of shock and wakefulness).

His life was brutally cut short in November 1983. His works remain, witnesses to the profundity and order of his life, in which he influenced his works just as much as they influenced him.

Take a look at the works from this period
Vers suspendu droite rouge de Jacques Mennessons
1980, Vers suspendu droite rouge
15 x 17 cm, Acrylique sur papier, collage - Collection particulière
Smacks dans l'escalier de Jacques Mennessons
1978, Smacks dans l'escalier
11,5 x 27,5 cm, Acryl sur papier Arches - Collection particulière