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Mennessons dans le studio

The tenuous thread of humour runs through Mennessons’ work: it is often the politeness of despair, a way to react when faced with the incomprehension of the surrounding world. The artist makes fun of himself and as he chose this attitude he overcame his discouragement.

The choice of titles is often a play on words. From 1972, when Mennessons worked with the Super 8 he created a second identity: Dr Smacks, a Mennessons director who converts his setbacks into playful films.

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Voler de ses propres ailes de Jacques Mennessons
1950, Voler de ses propres ailes
27 x 21 cm, Encre de Chine sur Papier - Collection particulière
Buste Moteur de Jacques Mennessons
1954, Buste Moteur
55 x 38 cm, Stic B sur Papier - Collection particulière