Mennessons's key themes: Nature

In 1965, for the first time, the door of his new workshop opened onto a park: there Mennessons rediscovered the nature of his youth, as Nogent-sur-Marne is close to the woods of Vincennes, where he often flew his kites. There, as in the Dordogne - his last summer holidays - or at Nice’s port, on the beach at Berck, or the edges of Swiss lakes, or countryside around Poitiers, or the Alsatian forests, Mennessons above all tried to capture the changing light - “Colour is the creation of the spirit, light is nature” - and the movement which made the clouds move, lifted up the waves and ridged the sand. In short, a living nature of with whom he is at one with: “I am a type of nature when I look at nature”.

In 1980, on the beach at Berck he created an ephemeral work using a stick, a work destined to be erased by the rising tide, so he captured the memory on camera.

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